There are various reasons for using the internet. However, if you look at it in a more detailed way, you will discover that there are two broad categories.

There is the category of people who spend time on the internet simply for fun. Some people in this category use this opportunity to escape some mental health problems like depression, anxiety and the likes.

A good number of times it works, other times it does not. In terms of fun, others in this first category use the internet as a means to ease themselves of stress.

The second category of people who use the internet, are those who use it for the purpose of seeking information.

Such people use the internet for lots of beneficial purposes, and this is reflected in their self-development.

Now, if you look closely at the above-mentioned categories, you will discover that, they comprise harmless acts.

However, when people do not effectively harness the potentials involved in both categories, the internet is used wrongly.

The right balance must be struck between using the internet for fun, and for information search. If you are using the internet for the purpose of seeking fun, it must be done judiciously.

Some people often make this mistake, as they spend countless hours on the internet for fun.

Before you know it, internet abuse sets in and internet addiction follows closely. People who are addicted to the internet would put aside other essential tasks just to have fun, and it affects their productivity in the process.

Also, asides the fact that people strictly use the internet for seeking knowledge, they should also try to use it for fun sometimes.

Most of the people who are at-risk on using the internet the wrong way are teenagers.

This is why parents and guardians have an important role to play in monitoring their children and wards when it comes to internet time.

There are some obvious signs that shows when the internet is being used in the wrong way, and they must be corrected before things go out of hand.

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