Internet addiction is a condition that can be effectively treated. When the addiction has been confirmed, a counselor or a mental health therapist can assist the individual to take progressive steps in treating addiction.

One of the reasons why internet addiction is different from other forms of addiction is, we need some level of internet for the overall function in the society.

Basically, the goal in internet addiction is not to ensure total abstinence. It is to properly schedule the amount of time used on the internet.

If someone is addicted to pornography, the treatment measures might involve using the internet without having to involve pornography.

There are some methods that have proved effective over the years in the treatment of internet addiction.

They are: Family therapy, Self-treatment groups, Group therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Self-help treatment.

In addition to this, other treatment options like Twelve-step programs and social skills are also proficient in treating internet addiction.

All these treatment options need the input of a counselor for the treatment process to go smoothly.

One of the basic reasons why a counselor is needed, is because he or she would need to carry out a proper evaluation of the individual’s addiction problem.

Typically, what forms the basis for an addiction treatment schedule is the assessment taken by a counselor.

This is why counselors usually take their time in evaluating the addiction problem of an individual, so that the therapist would form a treatment pattern.

The counselor would explain to the addicted individuals on the ills of internet addiction. He or she would also give them tips on how to properly manage their internet time, so that they do not relapse.

Overtime, the internet has proved to be a beneficial source of various forms of help, and people who reap its benefits, are those who use the internet judiciously.

Hence, when an individual notices he or she is addicted to the internet, or your loved one has internet addiction, it is best to reach out to a counselor for help.

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