Taking a look at convenience, the internet has offered us a lot of benefits. A number of our daily activities are done on the internet and gradually the list of activities which can be done on the internet keeps growing. What makes it more interesting is, it is done at a faster rate. So, with your smartphone or computer, you have the internet at your beck and call.

Now, this seemingly unrestricted access to the internet, has become a cause for concern. A number of people have abused this freedom and turned it into something else. This set of people now spend more time on the internet than usual. The sad part is, the extra minutes or hours which they spend on the internet, is usually used to produce nothing beneficial. This abuse of freedom is what is known as internet addiction.

When the internet is abused, it could be detrimental to the quality of your life. It is very unsafe, but thankfully, it can be conquered.


Isolation and Withdrawal: This is a common disadvantageous effect of internet addiction. People who are addicted to the internet have the tendency to be irritated, despondent and withdrawn whenever they are offline. This is because they have created for themselves, a virtual and supposedly enabling atmosphere online.

An Escape course: Some internet-addicted users initially used the internet as an avenue to escape the troubles of life. Instead of handling the problem in reality, the internet seems to be a safe haven where they feel they can easily forget life troubles. Sooner or later, such people usually end up returning to reality to attempt to tackle whatever problems head-on.

Effect on students: Young people are negatively affected by the internet in a lot of ways. Poor grades might be experienced, insomnia, gaining access to needless but harmful information. Encountering cyber bullies is another effect, and it has the capacity to create a long-term effect as regards their emotional and mental well-being.
Increased poor communication: Someone who spends virtually all the time on the internet would find it hard to communicate well in reality. This has paved way for weaker relationships and a struggle in communication. When it comes to the benefits of a healthy relationship with both family and friends, it could be hampered due to internet addiction.

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