Internet addiction is a condition whereby a person feels there is an utmost need to spend much time on the internet. In most cases, this amount of time could be utilized into carrying out other productive acts. However, someone who is addicted to the internet does not give much cognizance to that reality. In the long run, other aspects of the person’s life begins to suffer. An evident sign to spot an addicted internet user is, the level of inner joy and attention which the person exhibits and gives, whenever such person is on the internet. All attention is devoted to it, and such person would not like to be disturbed in any way.

Being addicted to the internet can be likened to someone who is hooked on hard drugs. They both have the same basis of operation. Someone who is addicted to hard drugs can hardly do without it. If it is absent, it is more like a death sentence for such person. The drugs would need to be taken as soon as possible in order to prevent the person from taken further detrimental actions.

An internet addicted user would find it hard to stay away from the internet. In most cases, such person has found for himself a home, a family and a couple of friends. He has people with whom he interacts with. In reality, it would be hard for such person to relate with people. The communication gap between him and the outside world is further broadened, and this is not good enough.

The concept of internet addiction requires a continuous increase in the amount of time spent on the internet, this increase is directly equivalent to the level of satisfaction derived. If the addicted user is unable to go online, some symptoms such as nervousness, sulkiness and obsessive fantasizing, are bound to occur.

If negative feelings like self-reproach, nervousness or depression are experienced in reality, the only available source of solace for the addicted user, is the internet. Surely, the addicted user would maximize the time spent on the internet in order to get over any of the aforementioned negative feelings.

There are major categories of internet addiction and they are four in number:

1. Relationships

2. Games

3. Information

4. Sex

So, the internet addicted user might belong to three categories at once, or strictly one category. It varies in various individuals.

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