The advent of the internet has been a stroke of luck to the human race in many ways which cannot be counted. It has saved us a whole lot of time which when spent manually, would take lots of hours, months or even years to complete. The internet has improved our productivity as we can carry out more tasks promptly.

However, the excessive use of the internet by some people, have proved to be a great cause for concern. These set of individuals dedicate ample time to browsing on the internet, and just a little amount of time to other areas of life.

When this addiction is on the increase, the attention paid to essential aspects of life such as health, education, relationships amongst others, is on the decline. This happens because browsing has become an utmost priority, and the person’s participation in reality is greatly reduced.


1. Difficulty in abstaining from browsing for a day or more: Once you discover that you cannot do without browsing for just a day, then you could be addicted already. A non-addicted user of the internet can do without browsing for more than a day.

2. Losing track of time while browsing: If you are not always conscious of time when browsing and you get to realize that lots of hours is like a few minutes, then you might just be addicted.

3. Deriving happiness only when online: If you are someone who looks depressed and despondent in reality, but always happy and content when online, then you could be a step closer to being addicted to browsing the internet.

4. Skipping meals: This is a strong sign of addiction among internet users. So, if you regularly skip your meals, or at the very least, you eat your food in front of your computer, then you are addicted already.

5. Usage of the internet late into the night: If this happens quite frequently, and you always wake up early the next morning, it is a sign of addiction. Also, if you have tried to stop this times without number with little or no success, you are addicted to browsing the internet.

6. Less interaction with people in reality: While browsing the internet, if all your time is spent chatting and keeping track of the lifestyle of people online, without paying close attention to the people around you, then you are an addicted user.

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