Addiction to the internet refers to a condition whereby people spend more time than expected on the internet. This excessive amount of time spent on the internet is usually used in carrying out non-beneficial activities. What even makes it more critical is, internet addicted individuals are aware of the fact that much time is being wasted, they often overlook it.

People who are addicted to the internet often struggle with developing relationships and better communications with people in reality. It is a herculean task for an internet-addicted user to completely abstain from the usage of the internet. This can be likened to prompting someone who is addicted to drugs to stop abruptly.

The mainstream idea of internet addiction cure, is to completely disable the internet connectivity and lock up the computer in an unknown place. This would hardly work because, productive activities could arise which would need the internet usage. You would then have to utilize the computer and the internet for whatever task you have to undertake.


Internet addicted users must realize that the major step in recovering from addiction, is to accept the addiction and have the littlest of motivation to be assisted in the journey to recovery.

1. Doing the exact opposite: The first step to recovering from internet addiction, is to readjust your routine. You could start by integrating other activities which would be carried out in reality, into the time and schedule which would have been used online.

2. Self-restraint: If there is a specific activity which keeps you online for a long period of time, you can begin to make conscious efforts to reduce the amount of time spent on it. For example, if seven (7) hours is spent normally on the internet, you could start by reducing it to four (4) or five (5) hours.

3. Rehabilitation: For a professional addiction rehabilitation treatment, you would have to seek the services of a professional therapist or a guidance counsellor to put you through and properly follow you up.

4. Develop relationships in reality: For internet addicted users, this part of their lives has suffered a lot. It is a rare sight for you to see an addicted internet user who has a strong relationship and communication with family and friends in reality. Internet addicted users always prefer to keep to themselves and focus more on the people online.

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