The effects of too much internet time on Kids

Everywhere you go, you will find technology. There are several immense benefits and opportunities that the internet has brought out way. As a matter of fact, even our children have access to the internet when they want to do assignments, have fun and even play games.

However, the internet has some adverse benefits which affects everyone, and children are not excluded. One of the reasons why children need to be watched out for when it comes to too much internet time is because, they are still developing and it is often challenging for them to know what is right and what is wrong.

Below are the demerits of too much internet time on kids.

  • Relationship and Social interaction problems: Kids who spend too much time on the internet are susceptible to having relationship problems with their family and friends. And they are likely to have issues when communicating with other groups of people.

The reason for this is, the internet has provided a virtual home for everyone, so kids can utilize this opportunity to relate with other people who they have not seen before. And spending much time communicating with them, affects real-life interactions.

  • Health problems: Most parents are not aware that when their kids spend too much time on the internet, they are likely to gain more weight than usual. The reason is, during the time spent on the internet, they are usually in one position.

If this goes on longer than usual, they would not be able to effectively burn calories like their mates who exercise and spend less time on screen.

  • Poor quality of sleep: Children who spend too much time on the internet find it difficult to sleep at night because most of them use the internet late into the night.

Hence, most of them find it difficult to be active the next morning particularly in school and this can adversely affect their academic performance.  

There are other negative effects of spending too much time on the internet like accessing dangerous content which is not healthy for them mentally. Parents are advised to monitor their children adequately and ensure they do not overuse their time on the internet.

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