4 signs that your kid is addicted to the internet

One of the challenges that parents, guardians, and caregivers struggle with these days is ensuring their kids don’t remain addicted to the internet.

People who barely have time for their kids are at high risk because they would not be able to monitor their children as the addiction and dependence worsen.

You can prevent your child from getting addicted if you can spot some of the common signs. Here are some warning signs to look out for.

  • They prefer to spend time alone

If you allow children unfettered access to the internet, you will discover that they prefer to surf the online world alone instead of doing it under your supervision.

They are aware that you might place some restrictions under your watch. Hence, they will prefer to lock themselves up and browse the internet for several hours until they are worn out.

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  • They are less productive

When you notice that your child does not focus on productive tasks like completing their assignments, reading, etc, they are most likely addicted to the internet.

You will notice that their tests and examination results are nothing to write home about because they have not been studying as they should.

  • They find it easier to bond with people online than physically

Children addicted to the internet cannot easily bond with people in reality. They can spend hours interacting with their virtual friends, but the case is different when it comes to people around them.

When you notice that your child hardly makes friends, but they talk about people they met online, they could be addicted to the internet.  

  • Irritable or depressed when they are offline

Have you noticed how cranky your child gets when they are not online? This could be because they are addicted and they cannot stay away from the internet for a long time.

If you notice that your child’s regular activities are no longer what they used to be, then internet addiction might be at play. You need to create a routine for your child and monitor their internet activities so that it doesn’t affect them adversely.

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