Since the inception of the internet, we have been treated to several advantages that we cannot seem to exhaust.

These days, it is easier for us to know certain things by being on the internet. Similarly, for students and professional individuals, the internet is a hub that increases your scope of knowledge.

If you have a phone or a PC, you have the internet at your fingertips.

Due to the fact that most people have untethered access to the web, they have misused this privilege. There are people who spend several hours on the internet without even realizing that they have wasted the whole day.

The unpleasant aspect about all this is, the time spent on the internet is usually in doing nothing important.

Internet addiction has the capacity to affect the quality of your life, so we need to exercise caution in the way we use the internet.

There are some disadvantages inherent in using too much internet time, and it is easily seen in someone who is addicted to the internet.

First off, people use too much internet time would find it difficult to cope when they do not have access to the internet.

It could get worse for those who are addicted to the internet because they would experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Also, people who spend too much time on the internet usually see it as an escape route.

So, whenever they are faced with any life’s problem, they us the internet as a comfort place, where they can vent their problems, and find solace in the arms of a virtual family.

Furthermore, spending much time on the internet has an adverse effect on students.

There is a tendency for students to have poor grades because they spend much time surfing the web, instead of reading their books.

Insomnia is a typical symptom that students who use too much internet time, go through.

To wrap it up, people who use too much internet, would find it difficult to communicate effectively in reality. This is one of the reasons why there are weaker relationships, and communication becomes a struggle for most people.

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