How to prevent your child from getting addicted to the internet

Over time, we become more reliant on technology because of the numerous benefits that it provides us with. Using some of the features of technology like the Internet has improved our quality of life in different ways.  

For instance, the internet has proved to be an effective tool for learning. It has also been a medium for people to connect over long distances and still keep in touch.

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However, if the internet is not used the right way, there is a tendency for people to get addicted to the internet.

Children are susceptible to internet addiction because they are at the phase of their lives where they want to try and know everything. Therefore, parents need to be more intentional about their children’s internet use to prevent them from getting addicted.

In this post, you will learn some tips to keep your child from getting addicted to the internet.

Get to know them more

If you want to influence your child on internet use, the first step is to get closer to them. It might be difficult to assert some decisions when you are not really close to them.

You need to develop a close relationship with your child so that it will be easier to pass on some instructions that they can follow willingly.

Set limits on gadgets use

You should also watch out for the amount of time that your kids spend with their gadgets. Importantly, you can set a rule that allows them to use their gadgets more when they are on break or if it’s the weekend.  

However, if school is on, the use of their gadgets should be greatly restricted except if they want to use it for academic purposes.

Provide other healthier alternatives

Another way to ensure that your child does not get addicted to the internet is by providing some activities that will reduce the amount of time spent on the internet. You can suggest that they join a book club, a dance group, an art class, the gym, etc.

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