Many people are addicted to the internet, and they are unaware of this. As a matter of fact, when you call them “internet addicted”, they would vehemently refuse.

One of their major excuses would be, they need to be online for their job, or they could claim that they are communicating with their loved ones.

Some of them would even go to the extent of saying they are reading online.

Due to the fact that, the internet is not a substance which alters the mind, a good number of people find it hard to come to terms with the fact that, they are addicted.

The hormone responsible for pleasure and motivation in the brain, is the dopamine. This is a very profound neurotransmitter which provides motivation to engage in experiences which are pleasurable.

Such experiences include spending ample time with your family and friends, going on a vacation, shopping and the likes.

For addicts, it is the dopamine rush which makes them to relapse, irrespective of the fact that, there could be dire consequences attached to their addiction.

It would interest you to know that, dopamine plays a very powerful role in internet addiction. How does this happen? Now, there are minute rewards which comes with using the internet.

Such rewards are messages, interesting tales on the social media, money making opportunities and the likes. This happens every time you pick up your phone.

These rewards which come with the internet are responsible for the increase in dopamine production.

This in turn leads to a creation of a vicious cycle which motivates people to continue using the internet so that their dopamine production would be a continuum.

So, if you have found it difficult with your obsessive need to always be on the internet, and you find out that your entire day is unproductive, then you have developed an addiction.

If you also feel depressed when the internet is out of your reach for a period of time, then it also means you have an addiction. It is best for you to opt for programs which will aid you to conquer your compulsions.

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